5 Letter Words Starting With DO, List of 5 Letter Words Starting With DO

5 Letter Words Starting With DO, List of 5 Letter Words Starting With DO

When it comes to expanding your vocabulary, there’s no better way than learning new words and using them in everyday conversation. And what better than 5 letter words that pack a punch and are easy to remember? In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 letter words starting with “DO” that you can add to your arsenal of words. From common words to lesser-known ones, this list is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their vocabulary and impress others with their linguistic prowess. So without further ado, let’s dive into the intriguing world of 5 letter words starting with “DO”.

5 Letter Words Starting With DO

1. Dolor- a word derived from Latin meaning “pain” or “sorrow”
2. Domes- a plural form of dome, a rounded roof or ceiling
3. Dolls- small, lifelike figures, often used as toys
4. Dotes- refers to showing excessive fondness or love for someone
5. Dower- a woman’s legal right to receive a portion of her husband’s property upon his death


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List of 5 Letter Words Starting With DO

List of 5 Letter Words Starting With DO

As a civil engineer, I spend a large portion of my workday using technical language and industry-specific terms. However, as someone who values strong communication skills, I also understand the importance of having a solid grasp on the basics of language and vocabulary. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of five letter words starting with “do” that may be useful for both my fellow engineers and anyone looking to expand their linguistic knowledge.

1. Dolly – a small movable platform with wheels, used for carrying heavy objects
2. Double – consisting of two equal or corresponding parts
3. Downtime – a period of time when a system or machine is not operating
4. Depth – the distance from the top or surface to the bottom of something
5. Droll – amusing in an odd or unusual way

As you can see, the list includes words that can be applied in different contexts, not just limited to engineering discussions. In fact, this is an essential aspect of technical communication – being able to effectively convey complex ideas to all parties involved, regardless of their background or level of expertise.

Moving on, let’s explore the applications of these words in the field of civil engineering.

1. Dolly: This could refer to a dolly cart, a commonly used equipment for transporting construction materials such as bricks or cement bags within a site. The compact size and maneuverability make a dolly an efficient tool for material handling.

2. Double: In civil engineering, the term “double” is often used in double-wall construction, where two parallel walls are built with a space in between, providing better insulation and structural stability to a building.

3. Downtime: This could indicate the time when heavy construction tasks have to be suspended due to environmental factors, such as heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures, or other outdoor conditions that can hinder progress.

4. Depth: In the context of civil engineering, “depth” is a crucial element in structural designs, especially in the case of underground structures. It is used to describe the distance between the top surface and the lowest point of a structure.

5. Droll: This word may seem out of place in the world of engineering, but it can come in handy when trying to describe a humorous situation on a construction site, such as a funny incident or a comical error in the design plans.

In conclusion, as a civil engineer, I understand the importance of having a well-rounded vocabulary to effectively communicate complex ideas and concepts. While these five letter words starting with “do” are just a small sample of the vast English language, I hope they serve as a reminder that as technical professionals, we should strive to continuously improve our communication skills to effectively collaborate and convey our ideas to others in the field.

Meanings of 5 Letter Words Starting With DO

1. Dwell: to live in a particular place
2. Drape: to hang or cover with cloth
3. Drown: to suffocate or die by inhaling water or other liquid
4. Drink: to consume a liquid
5. Drive: to operate a vehicle or move something forward
6. Dozen: a set of twelve
7. Ditch: a long narrow trench for drainage or irrigation
8. Diary: a book for writing one’s personal experiences or thoughts
9. Dress: to wear or put on clothes
10. Drown: to cover or flood with water or another liquid
11. Delta: a landform where a river splits into several smaller channels before reaching the sea
12. Diary: a book for writing one’s personal experiences or thoughts
13. Drone: a male bee or any humming sound
14. Dishy: attractive or pleasant-looking
15. Deity: a god or goddess, often worshipped in a particular religion
16. Dampen: to make something slightly wet or moist
17. Dizzy: feeling lightheaded or unsteady
18. Dwell: to remain or stay in a place for a period of time
19. Denim: a sturdy cotton fabric often used for making jeans
20. Dolly: a small wheeled platform used for moving heavy objects.


In conclusion, the list of 5 letter words starting with DO is vast and diverse. These simple yet powerful words can add depth and variety to your vocabulary. From everyday words like “doubt” and “donut” to more obscure words like “doily” and “dwarf,” these words offer endless opportunities for expression in both spoken and written language. So whether you are a language enthusiast looking to expand your word bank or simply someone looking for new and interesting ways to communicate, the list of 5 letter words starting with DO is a valuable resource. So go ahead and explore the possibilities that these five letters hold and continue to enrich your writing and speaking with these versatile words.

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