Ann Marie Act Right Lyrics know the real meaning of Ann Marie’s Act Right Song lyrics

Ann Marie Act Right Lyrics know the real meaning of Ann Marie's Act Right Song lyrics

Ann Marie is a rising star in the R&B world, known for her soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. One of her most popular tracks, “Act Right,” has captured the attention of many listeners, but what many may not know is the true meaning behind the song’s lyrics. In this article, we will delve into the depth of Ann Marie’s “Act Right” lyrics and understand the personal experiences and emotions that inspired the song and resonated with her fans. Get ready to discover the real meaning behind this powerful and empowering track.

Ann Marie Act Right Lyrics

Ann Marie is a rising R&B artist who has been making waves with her smooth vocals and relatable lyrics. One of her popular songs, “Act Right”, addresses the struggles and conflicts in a relationship. As a civil engineer, I can relate to the challenges of building and maintaining something – whether it’s a structure or a relationship.

The song starts off with Ann Marie talking about how her partner is acting distant and not treating her right. She questions why they can’t communicate and how their love has changed. This can be compared to a construction project where the foundation of a structure is not strong enough, causing the entire building to shake and crumble.

Ann Marie then goes on to express her frustrations with her partner’s behavior, saying “You want me to stay, when you know that you’re wrong // I can’t take all these games that you play, and I don’t wanna be alone.” This line can be interpreted in different ways, but from a civil engineer’s perspective, it can represent the need for stability in a relationship. Just like how a foundation needs to be stable in order for a structure to stand strong, a relationship needs trust and honesty for it to thrive.

As the song progresses, Ann Marie confronts her partner about their lack of effort in the relationship, saying “I don’t get no loving, no hugs, no kisses // You don’t say you miss me or say you appreciate me // You don’t do sh*t to make sure I’m straight outside of sexing me.” This can be compared to a structure that is not well-maintained and starts to deteriorate. Without proper care and attention, a structure (or a relationship) will ultimately fail.

In the chorus, Ann Marie sings, “You don’t know how to act right // How to love when it’s fight night // How to be my Superman at times // Your happiness, it just feels like you’re mine.” This shows her desire for her partner to step up and be a supportive and loving partner. In construction, just like how we need the right tools and materials to build a structure, we also need the right mindset and effort to maintain a relationship.

Overall, “Act Right” by Ann Marie is a relatable song that speaks about the struggles in a relationship. As a civil engineer, I appreciate the parallels between building structures and building a strong and stable relationship. Both require dedication, effort, and the right foundations to withstand challenges and stand the test of time.

Ann Marie Act Right Lyrics Meaning

Ann Marie is a Chicago-born R&B artist known for her soulful voice and raw lyrics. In her song “Act Right”, she showcases her storytelling skills and ability to touch on real-life issues. The song, released in 2018, talks about a failed relationship and the emotional rollercoaster that follows.

The lyrics of “Act Right” are relatable to many individuals who have experienced heartbreak and the struggles of moving on. Ann Marie’s powerful voice captures the pain and vulnerability of going through a tough breakup. She opens the song with the lines, “It’s so hard to keep pretending that I’m okay / I’m awake and I’m pretending everything’s great.”

These lines set the tone for the rest of the song, where Ann Marie describes the false bravado we often put on to hide our true feelings. She touches on the dangers of ignoring one’s emotions and putting on a facade of strength. This is evident in the chorus, “Just wanna be able to put it behind me / And just forget about it tryna act like I’m not hurt.”

Throughout the song, Ann Marie reflects on the relationship and the love that was shared. She acknowledges the good times, but also highlights the toxicity and the pain caused by her partner’s actions. In the verse, she sings, “I loved you, I tried to keep it real but / You ain’t wanna work with me, it turned to paranoia.”

The lyrics illustrate the struggles of trying to make a relationship work when the other person is not willing to put in effort. It also sheds light on the damaging effects of emotional manipulation and gaslighting. Ann Marie’s raw and honest lyrics paint a vivid picture of the highs and lows of love.

In the bridge, she addresses the toxic nature of the relationship and how she has finally come to terms with it. She sings, “You don’t know love, you know how to hurt me / I gotta get rid of you before you do any worse to me.” This shows her growth and strength in finally recognizing her worth and breaking free from a toxic dynamic.

In conclusion, Ann Marie’s “Act Right” is a powerful song that captures the emotional journey of a break-up. The lyrics not only touch on love and heartbreak but also shed light on the importance of self-love and standing up for oneself in a toxic relationship. As a civil engineer, I appreciate the way Ann Marie uses her platform to not only entertain but also educate and empower her listeners through her music.

Ann Marie Act Right Lyrics Details

Ann Marie Act Right Lyrics Details

Ann Marie, also known as Joann Marie Slater, is an American R&B singer and songwriter. She rose to fame in 2017 with her hit single “Unlove You” and has since gained a loyal fan base with her relatable and emotional lyrics. One of her most popular songs, “Act Right,” showcases her soulful vocals and honest storytelling.

The lyrics of “Act Right” explore the complexities of love and relationships. Ann Marie uses her powerful voice to convey the emotional rollercoaster of trying to make things work with someone who continuously disappoints. She starts off the song by singing, “You act like you hate me, but I know you don’t,” setting the tone for the rest of the song.

The chorus of “Act Right” is catchy and memorable, with Ann Marie repeating, “I just want you to act right, baby / If you want me to stick around, promise you’ll never put me down.” These lyrics signify her longing for a partner who will treat her with love and respect, instead of constantly hurting her.

Throughout the song, Ann Marie showcases her vulnerability and raw emotions. She admits to being deeply in love with her partner, despite their flaws and mistakes. She sings, “I don’t wanna leave, but I will / If you’re not gonna love me the way I deserve,” highlighting her self-worth and determination to not settle for less than she deserves.

The bridge of “Act Right” is a standout moment in the song, with Ann Marie pouring her heart out as she sings, “I’m tryna stay so strong, even though I hurt the most / But I don’t wanna be with nobody else, I just want you to know.” These lyrics illustrate the struggle of staying in a tumultuous relationship because of strong feelings and attachment to someone.

Overall, “Act Right” is a powerful and relatable song for anyone who has been in a toxic relationship or has struggled with trying to make someone change for the better. Ann Marie’s soulful vocals and honest lyrics make this song a fan favorite, and it continues to resonate with listeners years after its release.


In conclusion, understanding the true meaning behind Ann Marie’s Act Right lyrics adds a new layer of depth to the song. It sheds light on the struggles and self-reflection that the artist experienced, making the lyrics even more relatable and impactful. With the help of this article, we hope that you have gained a better understanding of the raw emotions and message that Ann Marie wanted to convey through her music. Next time you listen to Act Right, you will have a newfound appreciation for the lyrics and the artist’s vulnerability. Let us all strive to listen more closely and truly understand the stories behind the music.

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