Have Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Split? Did They Get Divorced?

Have Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Split? Did They Get Divorced?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have been in the public eye ever since their relationship began in 2016. The couple has shared sweet moments and adorable photos on social media, portraying their relationship as a strong and loving one. However, recent rumors have surfaced that the couple has split, leaving fans wondering if the two have gone their separate ways. With conflicting reports about the state of their relationship, many are left wondering – have Britney Spears and Sam Asghari split? Have they called it quits for good, or are they still going strong? In this article, we will delve into the details and try to unravel the truth behind the rumored split of this famous couple.

Have Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Split?

There have been recent rumors circulating that pop sensation Britney Spears and her boyfriend, personal trainer Sam Asghari, have split after being together for almost three years.

The couple first met on the set of Spears’ music video for “Slumber Party” in 2016, where Asghari played her love interest. They later confirmed their relationship in early 2017 through a social media post on New Year’s Day.

The news of their split is certainly shocking to many fans, as the couple had appeared to be going strong and even sparked engagement rumors in late 2019 when Spears was spotted wearing a ring on her left hand.

The speculation of a potential breakup began when fans noticed that Spears had removed all photos of Asghari from her Instagram account. Asghari, on the other hand, still has several photos of the two of them together on his page.

Neither Spears nor Asghari have officially confirmed the breakup, but sources close to the couple have stated that they are taking some time apart to focus on themselves and their respective careers.

Spears has been in the spotlight since the early 2000s, and although she took a break from the music scene in recent years, she has been extremely active on social media, constantly sharing updates and photos of herself and Asghari.

Asghari has been a supportive partner to Spears, especially during her highly publicized conservatorship battle with her father. He has spoken out in defense of Spears and has even accompanied her to court.

The reason for the alleged split has not been confirmed, but many speculate that the pressures of being in a highly publicized relationship and dealing with personal struggles may have taken a toll on the couple.

Despite the possible split, both Spears and Asghari have stated in past interviews that they were happy together and had plans for a future together. Only time will tell if the couple will reconcile and continue their relationship.

In the meantime, fans of both Spears and Asghari are sending their support and love to the couple, and waiting for an official statement from either party. Whether they are still together or not, it is clear that Spears and Asghari had a strong bond and have impacted each other’s lives in a positive way.

What Happened Between Britney and Sam?

In the early 2000s, Britney Spears was a household name. The pop princess had skyrocketed to fame with her hit songs such as “Oops!… I Did it Again” and “Toxic”. While her music and performances were adored by fans, her personal life was constantly under the spotlight. In 2004, Britney married her childhood friend turned backup dancer, Kevin Federline, and they had two sons together.

Fast forward to 2016, Britney found herself single again after a string of failed relationships. That’s when she met and fell in love with Sam Asghari, a fitness model and personal trainer. The two met on the set of Britney’s music video for “Slumber Party” and hit it off. They started dating and soon became inseparable.

Their relationship seemed to be going strong, and the couple often shared sweet moments and declarations of love on their social media accounts. They even made their public debut as a couple at the 2017 Pre-Grammy Gala and Salute to Industry Icons.

However, things took a turn in April 2019 when Britney checked herself into a mental health facility, citing the stress and emotional toll of her father’s health issues. During this time, there were speculations about troubles in her relationship with Sam, with rumors of a split circulating.

But the couple reunited once Britney was discharged from the facility, and they continued to showcase their love for each other. In December 2019, Sam posted a heartfelt message to Britney on her birthday, calling her his “princess” and “beautiful soul”. He also promised to support her through thick and thin.

However, in June 2021, Britney dropped a bombshell during her court hearing regarding her conservatorship. She shared that she wanted to get married and have a child, but her conservatorship would not allow it. This statement raised questions about her relationship with Sam, and fans started speculating about their future together.

A few days later, Sam posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story, seemingly addressing the situation. He wrote, “Silence is not always golden. Sometimes it’s yellow, the color of cowardice.” This led to more speculation and rumors about the state of their relationship.

In July 2021, Britney’s lawyer confirmed in a court filing that she wanted to marry and have a child with Sam. However, he also stated that the conservatorship had not allowed her to do so and that she was unable to remove her IUD birth control device without their permission.

The latest update on their relationship came in August 2021 when Britney announced her engagement to Sam on Instagram. She shared a video of her showcasing her ring, and Sam also posted a photo of them kissing with the caption, “The lioness and her cub.”

It is still unclear what exactly happened between Britney and Sam during the time of her conservatorship, but one thing is for sure – their love has stood the test of time and they are now happily engaged. We can hope that with Britney’s conservatorship battle ongoing, she will get the chance to marry and have a child with the love of her life.

Why Did ritney Spears and Sam Asghari Split?

Why Did ritney Spears and Sam Asghari Split?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s split has been making headlines since the couple announced their separation in September 2021. The news came as a shock to many fans who had been following their relationship since they started dating in 2016. As a civil engineer, I do not have inside knowledge of the couple’s personal lives, but based on media reports and social media posts, here are some potential reasons for their split.

Incompatibility and Age Gap

One of the primary reasons for the couple’s split could be their significant age gap. At 40 years old, Britney Spears is 12 years older than Sam Asghari, who is 28. While age should not be a barrier to love, the couple may have faced challenges due to their different life stages and interests. As a civil engineer, I know that compatibility is crucial in a successful relationship, and the age gap may have played a role in their split.

Britney’s Conservatorship Battle

Britney Spears has been in a long-standing legal battle with her father over her conservatorship, which gives him control over her personal and financial affairs. The situation has caused a strain on her mental and emotional well-being, which may have contributed to the couple’s split. As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of a stable and supportive relationship in overcoming personal struggles, and the ongoing conservatorship battle may have put a strain on their relationship.

Different Priorities

Another potential reason for their split could be their different priorities in life. Britney Spears is a global superstar with a demanding career, while Sam Asghari is an aspiring actor and fitness model. The couple may have struggled to find a balance between their busy schedules, leading to a lack of quality time together. As a civil engineer, I know that relationships require time and effort from both partners, and a mismatch in priorities and schedules can be challenging to navigate.

Financial Issues

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari may also have had financial disagreements that contributed to their split. As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of financial stability and compatibility in a relationship. It is reported that Britney has a net worth of $60 million, while Sam’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. The difference in their wealth and how it was managed may have caused tension in their relationship.

Personal Growth and Self-Discovery

Finally, it is possible that the split was a mutual decision based on personal growth and self-discovery. As a civil engineer, I know that people change and evolve over time, and what may have worked for a couple in the past may not be suitable for their present or future. Britney and Sam may have realized that they had different goals and priorities in life, leading to the decision to go their separate ways.

In conclusion, the exact reason for Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s split may never be fully known to the public. As a civil engineer, I believe that it is essential to respect their privacy and give them space to heal. While their love story may have come to an end, Britney and Sam have both stated that they will remain friends and cherish the memories they shared.

How Long Were Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Married?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have been together for over five years, but the couple has only been married for a short time. They tied the knot in a private ceremony on September 12, 2021, after dating for about four years.

The couple first met in 2016 on the set of Spears’ “Slumber Party” music video, where Asghari played her love interest. They began dating shortly after, and their relationship quickly became public when they were spotted together at various events and on social media.

Asghari, a fitness model and actor, has been a supportive partner to Spears through her highly publicized conservatorship battle and mental health struggles. He has credited her for inspiring him to live a healthier lifestyle and has been a constant source of strength and love for the singer.

In 2018, Asghari revealed in an interview with Men’s Health that he planned to propose to Spears one day, but wanted to do it when the time was right. It seems that the right time came in 2021, as the couple announced their engagement in September of that year.

Their wedding was a private affair with only close family and friends in attendance. Spears shared a photo on Instagram of her and Asghari wearing matching Mr. and Mrs. caps, confirming their nuptials. It is reported that the couple exchanged personalized vows and kept the ceremony small and intimate.

While they have only been married for a short time, Spears and Asghari have been together for much longer and have shown a strong and enduring love for each other. Despite the challenges they have faced, their relationship has stood the test of time, and fans are hopeful that their marriage will continue to thrive.

Who is Britney Spears?

Britney Spears is a multi-talented American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi in 1981, Spears rose to fame in the late 1990s with her debut album “Baby One More Time.”

Spears showed an early interest in performing and began taking dance and voice lessons at a young age. In 1992, she auditioned for the Disney Channel’s “The Mickey Mouse Club” but was rejected for being too young. However, she impressed the producers and was eventually cast in the show’s final season.

In 1997, Spears signed with Jive Records and released her debut single “Baby One More Time,” which became an instant hit and topped the charts in several countries. Her debut album of the same name was released in 1999 and sold over 10 million copies in the first year, making Spears a household name.

Over the next decade, Spears continued to dominate the music industry with hit albums and singles such as “Oops!… I Did It Again,” “Toxic,” and “Womanizer.” She also became known for her provocative and highly choreographed music videos, which cemented her as a pop icon.

Aside from her successful music career, Spears has also ventured into acting. She made her film debut in 2002 with the movie “Crossroads” and has since appeared in other films and TV shows.

However, Spears’ personal life has also been a subject of public interest. In 2004, she shocked the world by marrying her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, but the marriage was annulled just 55 hours later. Later that year, she married dancer Kevin Federline, with whom she had two sons. The couple divorced in 2007, and Spear’s struggles with mental health and fame have since been heavily scrutinized by the media.

Despite challenges in her personal life, Britney Spears continues to be a household name and a highly successful entertainer. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has won numerous awards, including a Grammy, six MTV Video Music Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In recent years, Spears has focused on her Las Vegas residency and has also been an advocate for mental health awareness. She is also a devoted mother to her two sons and continues to work on new music and projects.

In conclusion, Britney Spears is a talented and influential figure in the entertainment industry. Her music, dance, and performances have captivated audiences worldwide and will continue to do so for years to come.

Who is Sam Asghari?

Who is Sam Asghari?

Sam Asghari is a well-known fitness model, actor and personal trainer. He was born in Tehran, Iran in 1994. Asghari moved to the United States with his family when he was only two years old. He grew up in California and has always had a passion for fitness and sports.

Asghari’s interest in fitness started at a young age as he loved playing football and was actively involved in sports during his school years. After graduating high school, he decided to pursue a career in fitness and enrolled in a personal training program. Asghari also took up modeling and appeared in several campaigns and commercials, which helped him in gaining popularity and recognition in the industry.

In 2016, Asghari was catapulted to fame when he starred in the music video for Britney Spears’ popular single “Slumber Party”. The two of them hit it off and began dating soon after. Asghari has been a great support to Spears during her struggles and has been praised for his loyalty and dedication towards her.

Asghari’s passion for fitness is evident from his toned physique and he has become a role model for many. He shares his fitness journey and tips on his social media platforms, inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle. He is also a certified personal trainer and offers online coaching services to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

Apart from his career in fitness and modeling, Asghari has also ventured into acting. He has appeared in TV shows such as “NCIS” and “Hacksaw Ridge” and has received positive reviews for his performances.

Asghari is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been actively involved in raising awareness and funds for causes like mental health, cancer and animal welfare. He frequently donates to charities and participates in events to support various causes.

In addition to his impressive career and commendable efforts in giving back to the community, Asghari is known for his down-to-earth and humble personality. He continues to inspire and motivate his fans to achieve their dreams with hard work and dedication.

In conclusion, Sam Asghari is a successful fitness model, trainer, actor and philanthropist who has made a name for himself in the industry through his hard work, determination and passion for fitness. He serves as an inspiration to many and continues to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Britney Spears Net Worth

Britney Spears is a well-known American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. She first rose to fame in the late 1990s with hit songs like “Baby One More Time” and “Oops!…I Did It Again.” Since then, she has become a pop culture icon and one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

As of 2021, Britney Spears has an estimated net worth of $60 million. This fortune comes not only from her successful music career, but also from her ventures in acting, endorsements, and other business ventures. She has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has been recognized with numerous awards, including a Grammy and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Throughout her career, Spears has released nine studio albums, with her debut album “Baby One More Time” being her most successful, selling over 30 million copies worldwide. She has also embarked on multiple successful tours, including her “Oops!…I Did It Again World Tour” which grossed over $40 million.

Aside from music, Spears has also ventured into acting, appearing in films such as “Crossroads” and “Longshot” and taking on a recurring role in the TV series “How I Met Your Mother.” She has also collaborated with major brands such as Pepsi and Candie’s, further adding to her income.

However, Spears’ net worth does not tell the full story of her financial situation. In 2007, she went through a highly publicized personal and financial breakdown, resulting in her father being appointed as her conservator and having control over her financial affairs. This conservatorship is still ongoing, sparking controversy and the #FreeBritney movement that aims to end her conservatorship and give her back control over her life and finances.

In conclusion, Britney Spears has had a hugely successful career in the music and entertainment industry, amassing a net worth of $60 million. Despite her struggles and controversies, she continues to be an influential and iconic figure in pop culture, and her net worth is likely to grow in the future.


In conclusion, rumors have been circulating about the potential split of Britney Spears and Sam Asghari. However, it’s important to remember that these are merely rumors and the couple has not officially announced a split or divorce. While there may be some speculation and drama surrounding their relationship, it’s important to respect their privacy and wait for official statements from the couple themselves. Until then, fans should focus on supporting Britney and Sam in their personal lives and careers, rather than feeding into baseless gossip. Only time will tell the true status of their relationship, but one thing is for sure – Britney and Sam’s love story has captured the hearts of many and will continue to do so regardless of the outcome.

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