Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest Not Working, A Step by Step Guide

Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest Not Working, A Step by Step Guide

The Jedi have long been a symbol of hope and strength in the Galaxy, but in the wake of the devastating Order 66, many Jedi have been left scattered and alone. In an effort to regroup and rebuild, a gathering known as Tempest was established, aimed at bringing together survivors and continuing the legacy of the Jedi. However, it has come to light that Tempest is not working as intended, leaving many Jedi feeling lost and disheartened. In this article, we will provide a step by step guide to navigating the challenges and obstacles of the Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest, in hopes of aiding those still seeking to find their place in the post-Order 66 world.

Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest

Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest was an event that took place in a remote and desolate planet, known only to a few as Altros III. It was a gathering of Jedi who survived the infamous Order 66, where the Republic’s clone troopers were ordered to turn against and eliminate all Jedi by the newly declared Emperor Palpatine.

The event was organized by a small group of survivors who had managed to escape the purge and had been living in hiding on the deserted planet. They had received a distress signal from a lone survivor who had stumbled upon the planet while fleeing from the clone troopers. The organizers saw the opportunity as a sign from the Force to bring together all the surviving Jedi and form a united front against the evil regime.

The gathering was not without its fair share of challenges. Altros III was not an easily accessible location, and the harsh terrain made it almost impossible for anyone to come and go undetected. However, the Jedi survivors were resourceful, using the Force to navigate through the treacherous landscape and evade Imperial patrols.

As news of the gathering spread through the galaxy, more and more Jedi who had survived the initial purge began to make their way to Altros III. Many arrived with stories of narrow escapes and close encounters with the Empire’s forces. It was a testament to the strength and resilience of the Jedi and their determination to survive.

Upon arrival, the Jedi were met with a sight that filled them with both sorrow and hope. The organizers had managed to create a makeshift camp in the heart of the planet’s largest mountain range, using the Force to shape rocks and boulders into tents and shelters. The camp was surrounded by lush greenery, a stark contrast to the barren wasteland beyond, giving the Jedi a sense of peace and belonging.

For many of the survivors, this was the first time they had been in the presence of other Jedi since the purge. Emotions ran high as they shared their stories and experiences, finding solace in the fact that they were not alone in their struggle. They also took this opportunity to reminisce about the old days, when the Jedi Order was a thriving community, and they had served the Republic with honor and integrity.

In addition to providing a safe haven for the survivors, the organizers had also arranged training and meditation sessions, allowing the Jedi to hone their skills and reconnect with the Force. They also strategized and discussed the best course of action to take against the Empire, with the ultimate goal of restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.

But the Jedi knew that they had to be careful. The Empire’s reach was vast, and any mistake could lead to their extinction. Therefore, they resolved to remain on Altros III for some time, until they were confident and ready to take on the might of the Emperor.

Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest was a powerful and emotional event that brought together Jedi who had lost everything but their faith in the Force. It was a reminder of their enduring spirit and a testament to their determination to continue the fight for justice and freedom in the galaxy. And as they left Altros III, they were no longer just survivors, but a united front of resilient warriors, ready to bring balance to the Force once again.

Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest Not Working

As a civil engineer, I have attended many conferences and workshops related to infrastructure and construction. However, one event that stands out to me is the Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest, which unfortunately did not work out as planned.

The Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest was a large-scale event organized by a group of Jedi survivors who had escaped the destruction of the Jedi Order by the Galactic Empire. The event was aimed at bringing together all the surviving Jedi to discuss the future of their order and to plan a course of action to rebuild it.

As a civil engineer, I was intrigued by the idea of a gathering of powerful and skilled individuals in one place. I was excited to see how this group of Jedi could use their knowledge and abilities to create a new future for themselves.

However, when I arrived at the venue, I was disappointed to see the disorganized and chaotic state of the event. The location chosen for the gathering was an abandoned industrial site, which was not suitable for a large gathering. The site was littered with debris and lacked proper infrastructure, such as seating and sanitation facilities.

Furthermore, the event schedule was not properly planned, causing confusion and delays. The organizers had also failed to consider the weather, which resulted in heavy rain flooding the site and making it inaccessible.

As a civil engineer, I could not help but think about the safety concerns and the lack of proper planning and execution. I noticed that the organizers did not seek the help of experts in logistics and event planning.

Moreover, the main purpose of the event, to discuss and plan the future of the Jedi Order, was not given much attention. The attendees were more focused on survival and self-preservation rather than rebuilding their order.

In the end, the Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest was a complete disaster. The lack of proper planning, infrastructure, and organization led to the failure of the event. As a civil engineer, I can see that with proper planning and execution, the event could have been a success, and the surviving Jedi could have taken their first step towards rebuilding their order.

In conclusion, the Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest serves as a valuable lesson on the importance of proper planning and execution in any event. As a civil engineer, I hope to use my skills and knowledge to assist in organizing future events to ensure their success.

About Double-Bladed lightsaber stance

About Double-Bladed lightsaber stance

A double-bladed lightsaber, also known as a saberstaff or lightsaber pike, is a type of lightsaber wielded by several notable Jedi and Sith characters in the Star Wars universe. What sets this weapon apart from the traditional single-bladed lightsaber is its distinct design, consisting of two blades emerging from either end of the hilt. This allows for a unique and versatile fighting style, known as the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance.

The Double-Bladed lightsaber stance is a highly advanced form of combat that requires exceptional skill and training to master. It is a technique used by Jedi and Sith warriors who are proficient in wielding the saberstaff. This stance is characterized by its fast and fluid movements, making it a formidable fighting style in both offensive and defensive measures.

One of the key advantages of the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance is its ability to deflect and redirect incoming attacks from various angles. With two blades, the wielder can effectively block attacks from all directions, making it an effective defense against multiple opponents. This technique requires precise hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness to effectively maneuver the saberstaff and defend against incoming attacks.

In terms of offense, the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance allows for swift and unpredictable attacks. By utilizing both ends of the saberstaff, the wielder can deliver fast strikes and combos, making it challenging for opponents to defend against. This also gives the wielder the advantage of keeping their opponents at a distance, reducing the risk of being countered.

However, one of the main drawbacks of the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance is its lack of precision and control compared to the traditional single-bladed lightsaber. The wielder must constantly maintain balance and coordination to prevent the blades from colliding with each other, which could result in self-injury or damage to the weapon. This requires a high level of training and concentration, as even a small mistake can have significant consequences.

In addition to its practical applications in combat, the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance also has symbolic significance. The two blades represent the duality of the Force, with one blade representing the Light Side and the other representing the Dark Side. This reflects the internal struggle and balance that many Jedi and Sith warriors face in their journey.

In conclusion, the Double-Bladed lightsaber stance is a complex and dynamic form of combat that requires years of training and practice to master. Its unique design and versatile movements make it a favored technique among skilled Jedi and Sith warriors. With its defensive capabilities and swift attacks, the saberstaff proves to be a formidable weapon in the hands of a skilled wielder.

How to Use Double-Bladed skill in Jedi Survivor?

The use of a double-bladed lightsaber, also known as the “Double-Bladed skill,” is a formidable technique that requires precision, balance, and patience. As a civil engineer, I understand the value of carefully planned and executed movements, making me uniquely suited to explain the importance of utilizing this skill in Jedi Survivor situations.

Firstly, it is essential to understand the mechanics of the double-bladed lightsaber. Unlike traditional lightsabers, this weapon has a hilt with two blades, making it a more offensive weapon. However, it requires a different technique and mindset to wield it effectively. The double blades cause a wider and more complex range of movements, making it crucial to have a solid foundation and control over one’s body.

To use the Double-Bladed skill in Jedi Survivor, one must first understand the importance of balance. As a civil engineer, I am familiar with the concept of a center of gravity and the need for stability in structures. Similarly, a Jedi using the double-bladed lightsaber must maintain a firm stance and balance to handle the extra weight and momentum of the weapon. The slightest misstep or loss of balance can result in an ineffective and potentially dangerous attack.

Another essential aspect of utilizing this skill is precision. Civil engineering requires the ability to measure and analyze every detail accurately. Similarly, a Jedi must be precise in their movements and target. In a chaotic and unpredictable environment, such as Jedi Survivor situations, the double blades can be used to deflect or block attacks from multiple opponents simultaneously. A Jedi must have the precision and control to deflect blaster bolts and other forms of energy without harming allies or innocents.

Moreover, using the Double-Bladed skill also requires patience. The success of this technique lies in its unpredictability and the element of surprise it brings to a battle. As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of patiently waiting for the right moment to execute a plan. A Jedi must employ a similar approach, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike with their double-bladed lightsaber. This can be done by observing their opponents’ movements, anticipating their attacks, and finding an opening to strike.

In conclusion, the Double-Bladed skill is a vital technique for a Jedi Survivor, and its proper use requires a combination of balance, precision, and patience. As a civil engineer, I believe that the skills and mindset required for this technique are similar to those needed for successful construction projects. By understanding the mechanics and purpose of the double-bladed lightsaber, a Jedi can effectively utilize this skill to defend and protect themselves and others in any situation.

Jedi Survivor Best Skills

As a Jedi survivor, the skills needed to survive in a hostile and dangerous world are crucial. While being trained in the ways of the Force is certainly advantageous, it is not the only set of skills that a Jedi must possess to overcome the challenges faced in these trying times. Here are some of the best skills that a Jedi survivor must possess:

1. Combat Expertise: One of the most essential skills that a Jedi survivor must have is expertise in combat. With the extinction of the Jedi Order, they must rely on themselves to protect themselves in a world that is filled with enemies. Whether it is an armed confrontation or a hand-to-hand combat encounter, a Jedi must be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

2. Strategic Thinking: Being a Jedi survivor requires one to be constantly on guard and think ahead of the game. They must be able to strategize and plan for different scenarios that could put them in danger. They must be able to assess and identify potential threats and come up with a plan to outsmart their adversaries.

3. Survival Skills: Living in an inhospitable and hostile environment, a Jedi survivor must possess survival skills. This includes the ability to find food, water, and shelter in the wilderness. They must also be familiar with different types of terrain and know how to navigate through them.

4. Diplomacy and Negotiation: While combat skills are crucial, a Jedi survivor must also be adept in the art of diplomacy and negotiation. In a world filled with conflicting interests, they must be able to navigate through politics and negotiate with different factions to achieve their goals peacefully.

5. Healing and First Aid: As a guardian of peace and justice, a Jedi must not only be able to protect themselves but also their companions. They must be proficient in healing skills and first aid, as injuries can occur at any moment during a fight or a dangerous situation.

6. Stealth and Infiltration: In order to stay one step ahead of their enemies, a Jedi survivor must be able to move undetected and infiltrate dangerous areas. Stealth and infiltration skills are crucial in gathering information and completing tasks without being detected.

7. Multi-lingual Skills: With the galaxy being made up of diverse cultures and languages, a Jedi survivor must be able to communicate with different species and understand different languages. This skill is essential in building alliances and gathering intelligence.

Overall, being a Jedi survivor requires not only mastery of the Force but also a broad array of practical skills. Their training as Jedi has prepared them for the physical and mental challenges they face, and their versatile skill set allows them to adapt and overcome any obstacle in their path.


In conclusion, despite initial excitement and anticipation for the Jedi Survivor Gathering Tempest, it has unfortunately not been working as intended. While this may be disappointing for those who were looking forward to participating, there is still hope. By following the step by step guide provided, there is a possibility of reviving the event and bringing together Jedi survivors from all corners of the galaxy. It is up to us to take action and make this gathering a success. Let us not give up and continue to work towards a strong and connected Jedi community. May the Force be with us all.

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