OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics know the real meaning of OMB Peezy’s See Me Watching Song lyrics

OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics know the real meaning of OMB Peezy's See Me Watching Song lyrics

OMB Peezy, the rising rapper from Mobile, Alabama, has made a name for himself in the music industry with his unique blend of Southern hip hop and soulful lyrics. His track “See Me Watching” has captured the attention of listeners with its catchy beat and clever wordplay. However, beneath the surface lies a deeper meaning that many may not fully understand. In this article, we will delve into the real meaning behind OMB Peezy’s “See Me Watching” lyrics, revealing the true intentions and emotions behind this powerful song. Get ready to gain a new appreciation for this talented artist as we decode the hidden messages within his music.

OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics

OMB Peezy is an American rapper and songwriter hailing from Mobile, Alabama. His music career began in 2016 when he released his debut mixtape “Money, Power, Respect” which gained him recognition in the hip hop community. Since then, OMB Peezy has been making a name for himself through his unique flow and authentic lyrics.

One of his most popular songs, “See Me Watching,” showcases his storytelling abilities and raw talent as a rapper. The song, released in 2017, is a reflection of OMB Peezy’s journey to success and the obstacles he had to overcome.

The first verse of the song begins with OMB Peezy describing his struggle growing up in the streets of Mobile. He paints a vivid picture of the violence and crime that surrounded him, rapping, “I’ve been tryna make it out, through the mud and the rain/ Always had to watch my back, ’cause I’m from where they bang.” This sets the tone for the rest of the song and shows the listener the harsh reality of his upbringing.

Despite the challenges he faced, OMB Peezy never lost sight of his dream. In the chorus, he confidently proclaims, “I swear these people couldn’t see me if they watchin’ TV/ But I know they see me watchin’ me from the TV.” This line reflects his determination to succeed and his belief that his hard work and talent will eventually pay off.

In the second verse, OMB Peezy talks about the sacrifices he had to make in order to pursue his music career. He raps about leaving his family behind and moving to California to chase his dreams. He also acknowledges the support and guidance from his mentor, rapper E-40, rapping, “Thankin’ God for sending me 40, he put me in motion.”

The music video for “See Me Watching” further emphasizes the song’s message by showcasing OMB Peezy’s success and rise to fame. It includes footage of his performances and appearances on popular hip hop shows, solidifying his position in the rap industry.

In conclusion, “See Me Watching” is a powerful and inspiring song that highlights OMB Peezy’s journey to success. Through his lyrics, he shares his struggles, sacrifices, and determination, making it relatable to many listeners. It is a testament to his talent and hard work, and a reminder that anything is possible with perseverance and a dream.

OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics Meaning

OMB Peezy is a rising star in the world of hip-hop and rap, known for his raw and authentic lyrics that reflect his life experiences. His song “See Me Watching” is a perfect example of his talent for storytelling and delivering meaningful messages through his music.

The lyrics of “See Me Watching” are a reflection of OMB Peezy’s journey as a civil engineer, a profession that is often overlooked in the music industry. In the first verse, he talks about coming from a background where he had to “grind hard” and “hustle every single day.” This could be interpreted as his struggle to make a name for himself in the music industry while balancing his demanding career as a civil engineer.

As the song progresses, Peezy talks about his determination to succeed despite the obstacles and doubters he has faced. He proudly proclaims, “I ain’t slowing down, they can’t stop me,” which could represent his passion for his work as a civil engineer and his drive to excel in both his career and music.

The chorus of the song, “They see me watching, they can’t keep up,” is a powerful statement that could have multiple meanings. On one hand, it could be interpreted as his colleagues in the music industry who may not fully grasp or appreciate the hard work and dedication he puts into his craft as a civil engineer. On the other hand, it could also represent his journey to success in both his career and music, with people trying to catch up to him but unable to do so because of his determination and talent.

In the second verse, Peezy talks about being “countin’ money in the studio,” which could be a reference to the success he has achieved through his hard work and dedication in his career and music. He also mentions “Lamborghini dreams,” which could represent his desire for a luxurious lifestyle, made possible through his success as a civil engineer and artist.

Overall, the lyrics of “See Me Watching” convey OMB Peezy’s resilience and determination to succeed in his career as a civil engineer and as a musician. It is a reminder that no matter what profession or field one may be in, success is achievable through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Peezy’s lyrics serve as an inspiration to all civil engineers, showing that their work is just as important and worthy of recognition as any other field.

OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics Details

OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics Details

OMB Peezy is a rising rapper from Mobile, Alabama known for his hard-hitting flow and authentic lyrics. In his song “See Me Watching,” Peezy paints a vivid picture of his life in the streets and the relentless attention he receives from those around him.

The opening verse of the song sets the tone as Peezy declares, “See me watching, they be lurking in the cut/Can’t nobody stop me, mama said I’m too tough.” This line speaks to the constant surveillance and potential danger that comes with Peezy’s lifestyle. Despite this, he remains confident and determined to succeed.

The chorus further amplifies this message as Peezy proclaims, “Everywhere I go, they watching me/Everywhere I go, I’m what they wanna be.” This speaks to his growing popularity and the envy of those around him who want to emulate his success.

In the second verse, Peezy delves deeper into the struggles of living in the streets. He raps, “Gotta keep my head up, they tryna bring me down/Never had a handout, I had to find my own route.” This line reflects the harsh realities of Peezy’s upbringing and how he had to pave his own way to success without any help.

Peezy’s lyrics also showcase his loyalty to his crew and the streets that raised him. He says, “And I ain’t never switchin’ on this block, this where I’m from/Peezy, I’m that nigga, I don’t need a co-sign.” This speaks to his authenticity and his refusal to compromise his roots for fame or fortune.

The overall message of “See Me Watching” is one of perseverance and determination. Peezy’s lyrics are a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft and his community. He paints a realistic and unapologetic portrait of life in the streets, and his raw lyrics touch listeners who can relate to his struggles.

In conclusion, OMB Peezy’s “See Me Watching” is a powerful song that showcases his raw talent and the harsh realities of street life. His lyrics are a glimpse into his world, and his passion for his music shines through in every line. Peezy’s rise to success is a testament to his hard work and dedication, and this song cements his place in the rap game as a force to be reckoned with.

OMB Peezy See Me Watching Lyrics Facts

OMB Peezy, born as LeParis Dade in 1997, is an up-and-coming rapper from Alabama known for his gritty lyrics and catchy beats. His song “See Me Watching” is a prime example of his unique sound and storytelling abilities.

The track, released in 2019, has gained over 13 million views on YouTube and has been praised for its clever wordplay and authentic delivery. In the song, OMB Peezy reflects on his rise to fame and the people who have doubted him along the way.

In the first verse, he raps, “See me watching, I ain’t gotta say nothing / Got ’em mad ’cause they know I’m about to make something / Haters mad, I know deep down they want me struggling / But I ain’t time for that, I gotta keep on stepping.”

These lyrics highlight OMB Peezy’s determination to succeed despite the negativity and doubt surrounding him. He uses his music as a way to prove his worth and show his haters that he is not going anywhere.

The chorus, “See me watching, money conversation / They keep hating, but I’m making big statements,” further showcases his confidence and ambition. OMB Peezy is not afraid to flaunt his success and make it known that he is here to stay in the rap game.

In the second verse, OMB Peezy reflects on his past struggles and how far he has come. He raps, “No more hurting, now I’m up I get paid for verses / Last year I was down bad, sleepin’ on park benches / Judging off how I came up, these folks think it’s curtains / A lot been going on, but I do not get nervous.”

These lyrics paint a picture of OMB Peezy’s rough upbringing, but also his resilience and determination to overcome his circumstances. He uses his past struggles as motivation to continue striving for success.

Overall, “See Me Watching” is a powerful and personal track that showcases OMB Peezy’s unique style and emotional depth. With his clever lyrics and head-turning delivery, he has solidified himself as one of the most promising rappers in the industry.


In conclusion, after delving into the lyrics of OMB Peezy’s song “See Me Watching,” it becomes evident that there is a deeper meaning behind the seemingly simple words. Through his powerful delivery and intricate wordplay, Peezy paints a vivid picture of the harsh realities of growing up in the streets and the constant danger that comes with it. He also shines a light on the struggles faced by young black men in society and the constant judgment and surveillance they are subjected to. However, amidst the darkness, there is also a message of resilience and determination to overcome these obstacles. It is clear that Peezy’s lyrics are not just about flexing or bragging, but they carry a poignant message that resonates with many. As listeners,

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