What Is Theodolite? | Types of Theodolite


Theodolite Theodolite is one of the most accurate and useful instruments for measuring angles in surveying. It can be represented as an optical survey instrument. Used to measure vertical angles, horizontal angles, differences in height, etc. The survey is considered the first step for any construction work. Surveying is an important branch of civil engineering. In … Read more

Credenza Vs Sideboard – Complete Guide

Credenza Vs Sideboard

Credenza Vs Sideboard What’s the difference between this Credenza and vs. sideboards? You know that. Let us get some information about it. The credenza is a dining room sideboard consisting of a center cupboard flanked by glass display cabinets. Marble or other beautiful liquid and heat-resistant stone is commonly used for the top. Modern credenzas … Read more

8 Types of Pointing in Construction

What Is Pointing?

What Is Pointing? Pointing is a method of filling joints in brick or stone masonry with materials chosen for aesthetics or to provide old mortar protection against the external environment. In construction, masonry joints in brick pointing or stone pointing are filled in various ways for aesthetics. Different materials and tools are used for other … Read more

Hollow Brick Masonry | Uses Of Hollow Bricks | Hollow Brick Price | Advantages of Hollow Brick

What Are Hollow Bricks

Hollow Bricks Information about hollow bricks is presented in this article as follows. Bricks are the essential element for the elevation of a building and the design of a room in a building. Brick helps in the elevation of the building as per the design. Brick masonry increases the dead load in the structure of … Read more

What Is a Beam Bridge | Types of Beam Bridges | How Does a Beam Bridge Works | Advantage of Beam Bridge

What Is a Beam Bridge

Introduction of Beam Bridge A beam bridge is a structure in which a road is built over it without physical obstruction (such as a water body, valley, road, or rail ). The function of the beam bridge is to pass through the barrier. A beam bridge should be built where it is difficult or impossible … Read more

What Is a Cantilever Bridge | Type of Cantilever Bridges | Advantages & Disadvantages of Cantilever Bridge

What Is a Cantilever Bridge

Introduction of Cantilever Bridge The cantilever bridge is a type of bridge. The feature of a cantilever bridge is that it has support on one end and the other end is free. The first and most modern cantilever bridge was built in 1867 in Germany up to 124 feet (38 m) in the middle of … Read more

What Is Culvert | Types of Culvert | Advantages & Disadvantages of Culverts

What Is Culvert

Introduction of Culvert Unique structures such as culverts allow water to circulate without obstruction. The culvert plays a significant part in the infrastructure. Culvert Currently, you will find some places in disrepair. And some culverts will be less efficient. Some trenches are old based on hydraulic capacity. This is because the flow capacity has increased … Read more