Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics know the real meaning of Peter Gabriel’s Olive Tree In Side Mix Song lyrics

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics know the real meaning of Peter Gabriel's Olive Tree In Side Mix Song lyrics

Peter Gabriel is known for his complex and thought-provoking lyrics that often hold deeper meanings. One such song is “Olive Tree In Side Mix,” a track off his ninth album, “Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ.” While the song may seem enigmatic at first glance, delving deeper into the lyrics reveals a powerful message about memory, reflection, and the human experience. In this article, we will unpack the true meaning behind Peter Gabriel’s Olive Tree In Side Mix lyrics and explore the profound themes that make this song a timeless masterpiece.

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics

Peter Gabriel is not only a talented musician, but also a passionate advocate for social and environmental causes. One of his most iconic songs, “Olive Tree In Side,” speaks to his dedication to preserving the earth and its resources.

The “In Side Mix” of this song, released in 1990, is a unique interpretation of the original version. Gabriel collaborated with Nigerian musician Youssou N’Dour, adding African rhythms and vocals to the track. The result is a more dynamic and powerful version that captures the essence of the song’s message.

At the heart of “Olive Tree In Side” is the powerful metaphor of the olive tree, a symbol of peace, resilience, and sustainability. Gabriel sings about planting an olive tree in his heart, hoping to nurture it and watch it grow, representing his desire to nurture the world and its people.

As a civil engineer, I appreciate the deeper meaning behind this metaphor. Trees, especially olive trees, play a crucial role in the health and stability of our ecosystem. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, helping to combat climate change. They also prevent soil erosion and provide a habitat for various species.

Gabriel’s lyrics “With the light pouring down, you’re an olive tree, picked from the garden of patience, on the side of the hill,” evoke an image of hope and growth. The imagery of light represents knowledge and enlightenment, while the reference to patience speaks to the slow and steady growth of the olive tree.

Furthermore, the line “These roots were made for digging, these hands for stirring up life” highlights the importance of using our skills and abilities to contribute positively to society and the environment. As a civil engineer, I see the parallel between digging and building the foundations for a sustainable future.

The “Olive Tree In Side Mix” is not just a song, but a call to action. Gabriel’s collaboration with N’Dour and the use of African rhythms also serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of our world. Our actions affect not only ourselves but also those around us, and we must work together to create a better future.

In conclusion, Peter Gabriel’s “Olive Tree In Side Mix” is a powerful and thought-provoking song that continues to resonate with audiences today. It reminds us of our responsibility as individuals and as a society to protect and nurture the earth, just like an olive tree in a garden of patience. As a civil engineer, I believe in the power of this message and the importance of sustainability in all aspects of our lives.

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics Meaning

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix is a song that explores the concept of self-discovery and growth through the metaphor of an olive tree. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a tree standing tall and strong, with branches reaching out and leaves dancing in the wind. But beneath the surface, lies the true meaning of the song – the human experience of finding oneself amidst the chaos and struggles of life.

As a civil engineer, I am drawn to the symbolism of the olive tree in this song. Olive trees are known for their resilience and ability to withstand harsh conditions, making them a fitting representation of the human spirit. Similarly, in our profession, we are often faced with challenges and obstacles, but it is our determination and perseverance that allows us to overcome and grow stronger.

The song opens with the lyrics, “In the heart of every wandering man, there’s a root in the olive tree.” This speaks to the idea that no matter how lost or disconnected one may feel, there is always a part of us that remains rooted and grounded. The olive tree, with its deep roots, reminds us to stay true to ourselves and hold onto our values and beliefs, no matter where life takes us.

As the song progresses, we are taken on a journey through the different phases of life – from the innocence of childhood, to the struggles of adulthood, to the wisdom of old age. Each verse is accompanied by a powerful image of the olive tree, depicting its evolution and growth over time. This can be seen as a reflection of our own personal growth as we navigate through life’s ups and downs.

One of the most poignant lines in the song is, “In the wintertime, the olive tree tastes bitter with the frost.” This speaks to the idea that our experiences, both good and bad, shape us into who we are. Just as the olive tree endures the harshness of winter to eventually bear fruit, our challenges and hardships make us stronger and lead us towards our own personal growth and fulfillment.

The chorus of the song, “Brother, show me an olive tree, the one you planted in your own backyard” serves as a reminder to look within ourselves for understanding and guidance. We must cultivate our own inner strength and resilience, just as a gardener tends to their olive tree.

In conclusion, Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix is a beautifully crafted song that encourages us to embrace our struggles, hold onto our roots, and trust in our capacity to grow, just like the olive tree. As a civil engineer, it reminds me to stay true to myself and to weather any storm that comes my way, for it is through perseverance that we can truly thrive.

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics Details

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics Details

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix is the remix version of the song “Olive Tree” by Peter Gabriel. It is a captivating song that combines elements of folk, rock, and electronic music. The song is part of his ninth studio album “Up”, released in 2002.

The remix version features a unique mix of different rhythms and instruments, with a distinctive bassline and a blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. It also incorporates new lyrics, adding an additional layer of meaning to the already powerful song.

The lyrics of “Olive Tree In Side Mix” tell a story of a man who has an olive tree in his mind, symbolizing his desire for peace and a better world. The tree represents hope, resilience, and the possibility of growth even in the midst of chaos and destruction.

The opening lyrics “They say the end is coming soon, my love / They say the end is near / I think I should rewrite my tune, my love / I’ll rewrite my tune this year” suggest a sense of urgency and an acknowledgment of the current state of the world. However, the chorus “There’s an olive tree in my mind, my love / And I can’t stop the urge to sing / There’s an olive tree in my mind, my love / And the sound oh, how it rings” reveals the protagonist’s determination to hold on to hope and continue to spread a message of peace and love.

The verse “Sometimes there’s no understanding / We hide in secrets / Afraid to ask the questions by the light / Oh but the spirit’s moving in the air / And all of us are lifted by the sound” suggests that even though there may be darkness and uncertainty, there is still a powerful force that brings people together and gives them strength.

The bridge “And in this blessed land / Blessed be the children / That rule with open hearts / That shine with honest eyes” highlights the importance of raising future generations with a mindset of love and acceptance, in order to bring about a better world.

In conclusion, Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix is a beautifully crafted song that carries a powerful message of hope, resilience, and the importance of spreading love and peace in a chaotic world. It is a reminder that even amidst turmoil, there is always room for growth and hope.

Peter Gabriel Olive Tree In Side Mix Lyrics Facts

Peter Gabriel’s song, “Olive Tree In Side Mix”, was released in 1992 as part of his album, “Us”. This unique track features a combination of world music elements, including Middle Eastern and African influences. The song is a beautiful and emotional reflection on the cycle of life and the connections between humans and nature.

The lyrics of “Olive Tree In Side Mix” paint a vivid picture of a lone olive tree standing tall and resilient on a hill, symbolizing the strength and endurance of nature. The song speaks of how the tree has witnessed the changes and turmoil of the world, yet remains rooted in the ground, a constant presence.

Gabriel’s poetic lyrics also delve into the intricacies of human relationships and how they can sometimes mirror the complex relationships found in nature. He sings, “Some roots, split rock and stone // Some minds, turn back and run.” This metaphor suggests that just like the olive tree that grows through obstacles, humans too can overcome challenges and grow stronger.

The Olive tree is also significant in many cultures and is seen as a symbol of peace, prosperity, and resilience. In fact, the olive tree has strong biblical symbolism and is mentioned many times in the Bible. This adds a spiritual aspect to the song, making it deeper and more meaningful.

As a civil engineer, one can appreciate the message of sustainability and resilience conveyed in this song. The olive tree, with its strong roots and ability to survive harsh conditions, is a symbol of the importance of resilient and sustainable infrastructure. It reminds us of the need to design and build structures that can withstand the challenges of time and nature.

Additionally, the mixing of different cultural influences in this song serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in engineering projects. Just as different musical elements come together to create a beautiful harmony, a diverse team of engineers can come together to create innovative and successful designs.

In conclusion, “Olive Tree In Side Mix” is a powerful song that speaks to the connection between humans and nature, the strength of resilience, and the importance of diversity and sustainability. Its poetic lyrics and unique blend of world music make it a timeless and thought-provoking piece that resonates with people from all walks of life.


In conclusion, the true meaning of Peter Gabriel’s Olive Tree In Side Mix song lyrics reflects the themes of growth, self-discovery, and connection to nature. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of an individual’s journey towards finding inner peace and fulfillment, using the metaphor of an olive tree to symbolize resilience and resilience in the face of adversity. While the song may have different interpretations for each listener, understanding the deeper meaning behind the lyrics allows us to appreciate the depth and complexity of Gabriel’s storytelling. Through his music, we are reminded of the power of nature and our own capacity for growth and transformation. The Olive Tree In Side Mix is a beautiful reflection on the human experience and a testament to Peter Gabriel’s genius as a songwriter.

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