Peter Jones Height How Tall is Peter Jones?

Peter Jones Height How Tall is Peter Jones?

Peter Jones, a prominent British entrepreneur and television personality, is known for his successful business ventures and role as a judge on the popular show “Dragons’ Den.” While Jones has gained much recognition for his skill and expertise in the business world, many people often wonder about his physical stature. In this article, we will delve into the topic of Peter Jones’ height and explore just how tall this influential figure truly is.

Peter Jones Height How Tall is Peter Jones?

Peter Jones is a well-known British entrepreneur and businessman, best known for his appearances on the BBC business reality show “Dragon’s Den”. As someone who has built a successful career in the business world, many people are curious to know about his personal life, including his physical appearance. In this article, we will explore Peter Jones’ height and reveal how tall he really is.

Born on March 18th, 1966 in Maidenhead, Berkshire, England, Peter Jones is currently 55 years old. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 7 inches or 201 cm. This makes him one of the tallest entrepreneurs in the business world and even taller than most of his co-stars on “Dragon’s Den”.

Jones’ height has made him stand out from the crowd and has often been an advantage in his career, as it commands attention and makes him appear more dominant and authoritative. In a world where first impressions matter, it is no surprise that Jones’ height has contributed to his success as a businessman.

Apart from his height, Jones also has a lean and athletic build, which can be attributed to his love for sports and fitness. He is a keen golfer and has often participated in charity golf events. He also regularly plays tennis, goes running and practices yoga, which helps to maintain his physical fitness and overall well-being.

It is worth mentioning that Jones’ height has also brought about some challenges for him, as it is not always easy for him to find clothes that fit his tall frame. This motivated him to launch his own clothing brand, “Tall by Peter Jones”, which caters to taller men and offers a range of clothes that are specially designed to fit their height.

In conclusion, Peter Jones’ height is an impressive 6 feet 7 inches and has contributed to his success as a businessman. His tall stature commands attention and has often helped him make a strong first impression. He continues to inspire others with his determination and entrepreneurial skills, regardless of his height.

Who is Peter Jones?

Peter Jones is a well-known British entrepreneur, businessperson, and TV personality. He was born in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK, on March 18, 1966, and grew up in Langley, Slough. He attended Desborough School and later studied at Hillingdon College.

Jones started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age by setting up his own tennis academy while still in college. He then went on to work for Siemens Nixdorf as a computer salesman. However, his true passion for business and innovation led him to start his own computer company, Phones International Group, in 1998.

Jones’ entrepreneurial success truly began when he invested in Wired, a struggling technology manufacturer. He turned the company around and sold it for a profit of 200,000 pounds. He continued to invest and acquire struggling companies, turning them into successful ventures, and building his empire.

In 2005, Jones became a household name after joining the panel of investors on the popular TV show “Dragons’ Den”. The show allows aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to the “dragons”, who then decide whether to invest in their business or not. Jones has become one of the most recognized dragons on the show, known for his no-nonsense approach and shrewd business sense.

Aside from his TV appearances, Jones is heavily involved in philanthropy and charitable work. He is the founder of the Peter Jones Foundation, which is dedicated to improving education and supporting young people in business. He also actively supports numerous charities, including the Prince’s Trust and the NSPCC.

Throughout his career, Jones has received numerous awards and accolades for his business achievements. He was awarded a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in 2009 for his services to business as well as an honorary doctorate in Business Administration from Birmingham City University.

In addition to his successful business ventures, Peter Jones is also a published author. He has written two books, “Tycoon” and “How We Made Our Millions”, which offer insights into his business strategies and experiences.

In summary, Peter Jones is a highly successful and influential figure in the business world. He continues to inspire and help aspiring entrepreneurs through his TV appearances, charitable work, and books. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to giving back make him an inspiring role model for many.

Peter Jones Age

Peter Jones Age

Peter Jones is a well-known name in the field of civil engineering. He was born on April 15th, 1978, making him currently 41 years old. His age is a reflection of his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of construction and infrastructure development.

Jones completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from a prestigious university in the United States. After graduation, he started his career working for a renowned construction company. Over the years, he has excelled in his profession, taking on various challenging projects and delivering exceptional results.

At the age of 35, Jones was promoted to the position of Senior Civil Engineer at his company. This achievement came as a recognition of his hard work, dedication, and expertise in the field. He has been responsible for the successful completion of numerous projects, including high-rise buildings, bridges, and roads.

Jones is currently leading a team of civil engineers on a major project to construct a new airport in a developing country. His extensive knowledge of structural design, construction techniques, and project management has been instrumental in ensuring the progress and success of the project.

Apart from his professional achievements, Jones is also actively involved in sharing his knowledge and experience with the younger generation. He frequently conducts workshops and guest lectures at universities, mentoring and guiding aspiring civil engineers.

At 41 years of age, Jones continues to be an influential figure in the civil engineering industry. His expertise, leadership skills, and dedication to his work have earned him a reputable position among his colleagues and peers. He is a role model for many young engineers, and his contributions to the field of civil engineering are highly commendable.

Peter Jones Career

Peter Jones is a renowned civil engineer who has made significant contributions to the field of construction and infrastructure development. With a career spanning over three decades, Jones has successfully managed and completed a wide range of complex projects, earning him a reputation as a skilled and innovative engineer.

Early in his career, Jones graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from a reputable university. After completing his studies, he joined a reputable engineering firm as a junior engineer. It was during this time that he gained invaluable hands-on experience in various aspects of civil engineering, including designing, planning, and managing construction projects.

Over the years, Jones gained a reputation for being a meticulous and detail-oriented engineer. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a project manager, where he oversaw some of the company’s most significant projects. Jones’ ability to handle complex projects and deliver them within strict timelines made him a valuable asset to the company.

In the mid-2000s, Jones decided to broaden his horizon and establish his engineering practice. With his vast experience and extensive knowledge in civil engineering, he was able to attract a wide range of clients from different sectors, including government agencies and private developers. His firm quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to various engineering challenges.

Jones’ career highlights include overseeing the construction of a major bridge that spans across a river, connecting two neighboring towns. His innovative design and streamlined construction methods reduced the project’s overall cost and completion time, making it a critical infrastructure project for the local community.

In addition to his successful engineering career, Jones is also a mentor and instructor, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring civil engineers. He has also been actively involved in various initiatives that promote sustainable and eco-friendly engineering practices.

Jones’ career and accomplishments have been recognized by numerous organizations and industry bodies. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field of civil engineering, and his firm has been listed as one of the top engineering firms in the country.

In conclusion, Peter Jones is not only a highly skilled and accomplished civil engineer but also a leader and mentor in the field. His dedication, passion, and commitment to delivering high-quality projects have made him a well-respected figure in the engineering community. He continues to inspire and influence aspiring engineers, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.


In conclusion, it can be determined that Peter Jones stands at a height of 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 meters), making him significantly taller than the average person. From his towering presence on the hit TV show “Dragon’s Den” to his successful business ventures, it is clear that his height has not hindered his success. Jones’s height may be an interesting topic of discussion, but it is his determination, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit that truly make him stand out. Whether tall or short, it is important to focus on one’s skills and achievements rather than superficial physical traits. Peter Jones serves as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and proves that height is no limitation to achieving success.

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