Welcome to Samdal ri Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When is it Coming Out?

Welcome to Samdal ri Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When is it Coming Out?

Get ready, Samdal ri fans, because the highly anticipated third episode of Season 1 is finally on its way! After the success of the first two episodes, viewers are eagerly awaiting the next installment in the thrilling Korean drama series. Wondering when exactly you can catch the new episode? Look no further, as we have all the information you need on the release date and time, as well as a countdown for the big premiere. So mark your calendars, set your alarms, and let’s delve into the exciting world of Samdal ri once again.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 is set to release on June 12, 2021, at 9 PM KST (Korean Standard Time). This highly anticipated episode will be available to stream on various platforms, including Netflix and JTBC.

As a civil engineer, I am extremely excited about the release of this episode as it will showcase the rural beauty of South Korea and how it can be preserved and enhanced through sustainable development and infrastructure.

From the first two episodes, it is evident that Samdal-ri is a small, remote village situated in the mountains, surrounded by nature and traditional Korean houses. The village has a rich history and culture, which is deeply intertwined with its natural surroundings. As a civil engineer, I believe that it is crucial to balance the development of infrastructure with preserving the natural beauty and cultural heritage of a place.

In the previous episodes, we have seen the challenges faced by the villagers, such as the lack of proper roads and transportation, limited job opportunities, and dwindling population. In Episode 3, I expect to see the community come together and work towards finding sustainable solutions for these issues.

As we have already seen, the main character, Shin Ah-Young, is a civil engineer who has returned to her hometown to help develop it. She will be facing obstacles and resistance from the villagers who are skeptical about change. This conflict of preserving tradition and embracing development will be an integral part of this episode.

Being a civil engineer, I am looking forward to seeing Ah-Young’s approach to solving the village’s problems and how she takes into consideration the villagers’ wishes and concerns. It will be interesting to see the design and construction process of infrastructure projects, such as roads and bridges, in a rural setting.

Moreover, Episode 3 will also shed light on the importance of sustainable development and the use of eco-friendly materials and methods in construction. I am curious to see how the show portrays the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and hydroelectric generators, in a small village.

In conclusion, as a civil engineer, I am eagerly waiting for the release of Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3. I believe it will not only be an entertaining episode but also educate viewers on the importance of preserving the environment and balancing development with cultural heritage. I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in sustainable development and infrastructure.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Overview

In Season 1, Episode 3 of “Welcome to Samdal-ri,”, viewers continue to follow the journey of civil engineer, Lee Soo-hyun, as she navigates her new life in the small, rural village of Samdal-ri.

The episode begins with Soo-hyun arriving at the village’s community center, where she is greeted by the friendly and welcoming village chief, Mr. Kim. He introduces her to the other members of the village, who are all eager to meet the young engineer who will be working on their community development project.

Soo-hyun is quickly put to work, as the villagers have planned a traditional village festival for the weekend and need her help in setting up a stage and seating area for the event. Despite her initial nerves, Soo-hyun is able to impress the villagers with her quick thinking and problem-solving skills when they face some unexpected challenges with the setup.

As the festival begins, Soo-hyun is able to witness the strong sense of community in Samdal-ri as everyone comes together to celebrate their village and its traditions. She also gets a chance to interact with the village’s elderly population, who share their stories and wisdom with her.

However, the episode also sheds light on the struggles of the villagers, as they reveal their concerns about the future of the village and its declining population. Soo-hyun realizes the importance of her project and the impact it can have on the villagers’ lives.

Later, Soo-hyun joins Mr. Kim and a few other villagers on a hike up the nearby mountains, which offer a stunning view of the village and its surroundings. It is during this hike that she learns more about the village’s history and its connection to nature, strengthening her appreciation for the community.

As the day comes to an end, Soo-hyun is invited to a traditional dinner with the villagers. She is introduced to various local delicacies and bonds with the villagers over heartwarming conversations.

In the final moments of the episode, as Soo-hyun looks out at the picturesque village and its people, she realizes that her project is not just about building structures, but it is also about preserving the unique culture and traditions of Samdal-ri.

“Welcome to Samdal-ri” Season 1, Episode 3 highlights the importance of community and the impact of small projects in shaping the future of a village. Soo-hyun’s journey in this episode shows her growth as an engineer, as she learns to appreciate the needs of the villagers and the beauty of the village itself.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Countdown

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Countdown

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Countdown takes us deeper into the world of civil engineering as we follow the journey of our main character, a junior engineer named Soo-jin.

The episode begins with Soo-jin nervously waiting for her first big project presentation as part of her probation period. She is determined to make a good impression and prove herself as a competent engineer. As she prepares for the presentation, viewers get a glimpse into the inner workings of the Samdal-ri Engineering department.

The team, led by the experienced and strict chief engineer Mr. Lee, goes through the presentation slides and makes sure everything is up to par. Soo-jin observes and takes note of the department’s work ethic and attention to detail.

As the presentation begins, Soo-jin is nervous but determined to do well. She flawlessly presents her part of the project and impresses everyone in the room, including Mr. Lee. This not only boosts her confidence but also earns her the respect of her colleagues.

However, not everything goes smoothly during the presentation. A question is raised by one of the clients, and Soo-jin falters while trying to explain the technical details. She is quickly saved by Mr. Lee, who calmly steps in and handles the situation with his expertise. Soo-jin realizes that there is still a lot for her to learn from Mr. Lee and the rest of the team.

As the episode progresses, viewers get to see Soo-jin’s interactions with the senior engineers and her fellow junior colleagues. The dynamics between the engineers reflect the hierarchy and respect that is present in the field of civil engineering. Soo-jin is slowly adapting to the work culture, and her enthusiasm and dedication are noticed by everyone.

The episode ends with a countdown to the final decision on the project. Soo-jin’s presentation has impressed the clients, and the team is hopeful that they will secure the project. However, they also face competition from a rival engineering firm. The tension and excitement build up as the countdown to the decision begins.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Countdown is an engaging and informative episode that highlights the challenges and rewards of being a civil engineer. It showcases the importance of teamwork, attention to detail, and constant learning in the field. As the countdown to the final decision approaches, viewers are left eagerly waiting to see if Soo-jin and the team will land the project. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the world of civil engineering.

When is it coming out?

There are various interpretations of the phrase “when is it coming out?” in the context of civil engineering. Here, we will explore the potential meanings and give relevant information for each interpretation.

1. “When is the new construction project coming out?”
Civil engineering involves the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure, such as buildings, roads, bridges, and more. This field is constantly evolving and new projects are always in the works. If you are wondering when a specific construction project will be completed and open to the public, it all depends on the size, complexity, and progress of the project.

The timeline for a construction project can vary greatly depending on various factors such as weather, funding, materials, and labor availability. In general, smaller projects can take anywhere from a few months to a year, while larger projects can take several years to complete. It is best to check with the specific project’s management team or the local government agency in charge for the most accurate estimate of when it will be completed.

2. “When is the new civil engineering technology coming out?”
Civil engineering is a field that is constantly advancing with new technology and techniques. From 3D printing to sustainable materials, there are always new innovations being developed that could potentially revolutionize the industry.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when new technology will be “coming out,” as it often goes through rigorous testing and refinement before being widely implemented in projects. However, you can stay updated on the latest advancements in civil engineering by following industry news and attending conferences and seminars.

3. “When is the next version of the civil engineering software coming out?”
Civil engineers rely on various software programs to assist in their design and analysis work. These software programs are constantly updated and improved to better serve the needs of the industry.

The release dates for new versions of civil engineering software can vary, but they are typically announced by the company well in advance. It is important for civil engineers to stay up-to-date with the latest software versions to ensure accurate and efficient work. You can check the software company’s website or subscribe to their newsletter for updates on release dates.

In conclusion, the answer to “when is it coming out?” in the context of civil engineering depends on the specific interpretation. Whether it is a new construction project, technology, or software, the timing will vary and it is best to stay informed through relevant sources. As a civil engineer, it is important to always stay updated on the latest developments in the field to provide the best and most effective solutions for infrastructure projects.

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 Cast

Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 follows the village’s civil engineer, Kim Soo-ji, as she works on a new bridge construction project. This episode features a talented and diverse cast that brings the story to life.

The main character, Kim Soo-ji, is played by acclaimed actress Son Ye-jin. Soo-ji is a determined and passionate civil engineer who grew up in the village and is determined to make a positive impact for her community. Son Ye-jin brings a strong and confident energy to the character of Soo-ji, making her a relatable and inspiring protagonist.

Joining Son Ye-jin is veteran actor Lee Jung-jae, who plays the role of Yoon Sang-hyun, the mayor of Samdal-ri. Yoon Sang-hyun is a cunning and ambitious politician who is always looking out for his own interests. Lee Jung-jae brings a layered and nuanced performance to this character, making him both charismatic and unlikable at the same time.

The other key character in this episode is Jung Hae-in, who plays the role of Lee Min-ho, a young and talented architect who joins Soo-ji’s team. Lee Min-ho is a fresh graduate who takes on the challenge of designing the village’s new bridge. Jung Hae-in brings a charming and youthful energy to the role, making Min-ho a likable and relatable character.

Other notable cast members in this episode include Yoo Jae-myung as Chief Bae, the veteran construction worker who provides guidance and wisdom to Soo-ji, and Jang Seung-jo as Park Jin-ho, the project manager who clashes with Soo-ji over different design ideas.

The diverse and talented cast of Welcome to Samdal-ri Season 1 Episode 3 brings the story of a small village and its construction project to life. Each actor brings their unique skills and talents to their respective characters, making them all memorable and integral to the story. Together, they create a dynamic and engaging episode that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1 Trailer

Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1 Trailer

Welcome To Samdal-ri is a new drama series that follows the story of a small village named Samdal-ri and its inhabitants. The series is set to air its first season this fall and the recently released trailer has been creating a lot of buzz among viewers.

The trailer starts with a panoramic view of the beautiful Samdal-ri village surrounded by lush greenery and mountains. The serene atmosphere and the sound of birds chirping instantly captivate the audience’s attention. The narrator’s voice introduces the viewers to the village and its people, saying, “Welcome to Samdal-ri, a place where the mountains meet the sea and the heart meets home.”

As the trailer continues, we are introduced to the main characters of the series. First, we meet Yoo Jin, a young and ambitious civil engineer who has been assigned to the village for a project. She is determined to prove herself and complete the project successfully despite facing resistance from the villagers.

Next, we are introduced to the village chief, Mr. Kim, who is portrayed as a traditional and strict man. He is worried about the changes that Yoo Jin’s project might bring to their village and is not willing to cooperate with her.

We also get a glimpse of the other villagers, including Joon, a kind-hearted local shop owner, and Sora, a rebellious teenager who dreams of leaving the village and pursuing her passion for music.

As the trailer progresses, we see the conflicts arising between the villagers and Yoo Jin, who is seen struggling to understand their traditional way of life. She also faces personal challenges and starts to question her own motives for taking on this project.

However, amidst the conflicts and differences, we see glimpses of unlikely friendships and a sense of community as the villagers come together to protect their home.

The trailer ends with an emotional scene between Yoo Jin and Mr. Kim where he says, “Samdal-ri is not just a village, it’s our home. We will do whatever it takes to protect it.”

The trailer not only showcases the picturesque beauty of the village but also gives a glimpse of the complex relationships and conflicts that will unfold in the series. It leaves the viewers intrigued and eager to watch the first season of Welcome To Samdal-ri.

In conclusion, the Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1 trailer promises a heartwarming and engaging drama that explores the themes of community, traditions, and the ever-changing world. It is a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartfelt and thought-provoking series.

Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1 Plot

Welcome To Samdal-ri is a South Korean drama series that follows the story of Kim Yoo-jin, a young civil engineer who moves to a small countryside village called Samdal-ri for a job opportunity. Yoo-jin is excited for this opportunity as it is her first time working on a real construction site. However, little does she know that this project will change her life forever.

The series introduces us to the picturesque village of Samdal-ri, known for its traditional houses and beautiful landscapes. Yoo-jin quickly settles into her new workplace, making friends with the locals and getting to know the area. She is impressed by the strong sense of community in the village and is determined to contribute to its development.

Yoo-jin meets the village chief, Park Tae-joo, who is in charge of the construction project. He is a strict and traditional man who is skeptical about Yoo-jin’s ability to handle such a big project. Despite his initial reservations, Tae-joo starts to see Yoo-jin’s potential and mentors her, helping her navigate through the challenges of the project.

As Yoo-jin gets more involved in the project, she uncovers a secret about the village that changes everything. Samdal-ri has a rich cultural history, and the construction project is threatening to destroy an important cultural site. Yoo-jin is torn between her job responsibilities and her newfound love for the village and its people.

The story takes a dramatic turn when a powerful real estate developer takes an interest in the village and offers to buy the land from the locals. Yoo-jin and Tae-joo must come up with a plan to save the village and its culture before it’s too late. With the help of the villagers, they embark on a journey to fight against the powerful corporation and protect their home.

Amidst all the chaos, Yoo-jin finds herself falling for Tae-joo, but their different backgrounds and responsibilities make their relationship complicated. As the construction project and the battle against the real estate developer intensifies, Yoo-jin must make some tough decisions that could change her life and the fate of the village forever.

Welcome To Samdal-ri is a heartwarming and inspiring story about community, culture, and love. It highlights the struggles of a small village and the determination of its people to fight against modernization to preserve their heritage. The series also showcases the hard work and dedication of civil engineers, who play a crucial role in shaping our communities. With its beautiful setting and compelling plot, Welcome To Samdal-ri is a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming drama.

Where to Watch Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1?

The first season of the highly anticipated Korean drama, Welcome To Samdal-ri, is set to air soon and fans are eagerly waiting to find out where they can watch it. This heartwarming series follows the stories of five individuals who find themselves living in a small village together and the friendships and relationships that develop between them.

As a civil engineer, I understand the importance of staying updated with the latest entertainment options and finding a comfortable spot to watch them. So, here is a breakdown of where you can catch Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1.

1. Traditional broadcasting

The series will air on South Korean broadcasting networks such as KBS2 and KBS World. KBS2 will broadcast the series on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 PM KST, while KBS World will air it on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 PM KST with English subtitles. This is the most common and traditional way to watch the series, especially for those living in Korea.

2. Online streaming

For those who prefer to watch their favorite shows online, there are various options available. KBS World’s official YouTube channel streams the episodes live every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM KST. Additionally, popular streaming platforms such as Netflix and Viki have also obtained the rights to broadcast the series with English subtitles, making it accessible for international viewers.

3. Mobile apps

With the rise of technology, many broadcasting networks have also launched their own mobile apps to make it easier for viewers to watch their shows. In the case of Welcome To Samdal-ri, the KBS World app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. This app not only allows for live streaming, but also has the option to watch previously aired episodes in case viewers missed them.

4. Cable TV

For those with a cable TV subscription, the series will also be available on international networks such as TV10 and Foxtel’s Korean channel. These networks have obtained the rights to broadcast the series with English subtitles, allowing for a wider audience reach.

In conclusion, there are various options available to watch Welcome To Samdal-ri Season 1, from traditional broadcasting to online streaming and mobile apps. So, whether you prefer watching it on your TV, laptop, or mobile device, there is an option for you. Make sure to catch this heartwarming drama and immerse yourself in the beautiful and heartwarming village of Samdal-ri.


In conclusion, we are eagerly awaiting the release of Welcome to Samdal ri Season 1 Episode 3. With its captivating plot and talented cast, this K-drama has already gained a strong following among viewers. And with the third episode set to air soon, audiences can expect more excitement, romance, and drama to unfold in the quaint village of Samdal ri. So mark your calendars and get ready to fall in love with the charming characters of this hit series. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this highly anticipated episode. Stay tuned for the official release date and time, and join us as we continue to follow the journey of our beloved characters in Welcome to Samdal ri.

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