Why is Alexa Bliss Out of WWE? Who Will be Her Replacement if Bray Wyatt returns?

Why is Alexa Bliss Out of WWE? Who Will be Her Replacement if Bray Wyatt returns?

Alexa Bliss, one of the most popular and beloved wrestlers in the WWE, has been noticeably absent from the ring in recent weeks, leaving fans wondering: why is she out of the WWE? Currently, there are rumors circulating that her absence may be due to the potential return of her former tag team partner, Bray Wyatt. With so much uncertainty surrounding Bliss’ absence, many are also wondering who will step into her role if Wyatt does indeed make a comeback. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Bliss’ absence and explore the potential replacement for her if Bray Wyatt does return to the WWE.

Why is Alexa Bliss Out of WWE?

Alexa Bliss, also known as the “Goddess of WWE,” has been a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling for the past few years. However, in recent months, fans have been left wondering why their beloved wrestler has been absent from the ring. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Alexa Bliss being out of WWE and what the future holds for her in the world of wrestling.


One of the main reasons for Alexa Bliss’ absence from WWE is due to injury. In October 2019, Bliss sustained a concussion during a match, which caused her to be out of action for a few weeks. However, in November of the same year, she suffered another concussion, sidelining her for an extended period. Injuries are a common occurrence in the world of professional wrestling, and it is crucial for wrestlers to take time off to recover fully. It is likely that WWE is taking extra precautions with Bliss, given the severity of her concussions.

Personal Health Issues

In addition to her injuries, Alexa Bliss has also been dealing with personal health issues. In an interview, she revealed that she has been battling with an eating disorder for most of her life. This led to her losing a considerable amount of weight in a short period, which impacted her energy levels and overall health. It is believed that WWE has allowed her time off to focus on her health and recovery. The company has been actively promoting mental health awareness and has been supportive of Bliss in her battle with her eating disorder.

Collaboration with The Fiend

Alexa Bliss’ recent storyline with fellow wrestler, The Fiend, may also be a factor in her absence from WWE. The duo has been involved in a mysterious and dark storyline, which has intrigued fans. It is rumored that WWE is taking its time with this storyline, and Bliss’ absence is part of their plans to build up to a significant event or match between the two. This has been a highly successful and popular storyline, and it is likely that WWE is capitalizing on it by giving it time to develop and gain momentum.

Future Plans

Although there has been no official statement from WWE or Bliss herself, it is expected that she will return to the ring in the near future. It is reported that she has been cleared to compete and has been training to get back into shape. Some have speculated that she may return at WrestleMania 37, which would be a highly anticipated comeback for both Bliss and her fans.

In conclusion, Alexa Bliss’ absence from WWE can be attributed to a combination of factors, including injury, personal health issues, and the continuation of her storyline with The Fiend. However, fans can rest assured that this talented and beloved wrestler will make a comeback in the near future, and her return will surely be a highly anticipated and exciting moment for the world of professional wrestling.

Who Will be Her Replacement If Bray Wyatt Returns?

Bray Wyatt, also known as “The Fiend” and “The Eater of Worlds,” is a professional wrestler known for his dark and mysterious persona. He joined the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2009 and has gained a strong fan following with his unique character and impressive in-ring skills.

In April 2021, Bray Wyatt was surprisingly released from WWE, much to the shock of his fans and fellow wrestlers. While the reason for his release has not been officially disclosed, it is believed to be due to budget cuts and creative differences with the company.

With Bray Wyatt’s departure, many have been wondering who could possibly replace him in the WWE. Here are a few possible options:

1. Alexa Bliss
Alexa Bliss has been closely associated with Bray Wyatt’s character as his “protégé” and “sidekick.” The two have had a strong on-screen chemistry, and Alexa has even adopted some of Wyatt’s mannerisms and phrases. If Bray Wyatt were to return, it is highly likely that Alexa Bliss would continue to play a prominent role in his character.

2. “The Demon” Finn Bálor
Finn Bálor, known for his alter-ego “The Demon,” has had a long-standing rivalry with Bray Wyatt in the past. Bálor’s character also has dark and supernatural elements, making him a potential candidate to take over Wyatt’s role. He also has a history with Alexa Bliss, adding another layer to the story.

3. “The Fiend” Reborn
One possible scenario could be Bray Wyatt returning as a “reborn” version of The Fiend. This would allow him to keep his menacing character while introducing new and refreshing elements to his persona.

4. A New Character
Alternatively, WWE could introduce a completely new character to replace Bray Wyatt. This would allow them to bring in a new and fresh face to the roster while still maintaining the dark and mysterious vibe that Wyatt brought to the table.

5. The Miz
The Miz, who has portrayed a villainous character in the past, could also be a potential replacement for Bray Wyatt. He has shown his ability to adapt to various roles and could bring a different dynamic to the Bray Wyatt character.

Overall, there is no one person who can fully replace Bray Wyatt and his unique persona. However, the WWE has a talented roster with many potential candidates who could step into his shoes and continue to entertain fans with their own spin on the character. Only time will tell what the future holds for Bray Wyatt and who will take over his role if he returns to the WWE.

The Remarkable Journey of Bray Wyatt in WWE

The Remarkable Journey of Bray Wyatt in WWE

Bray Wyatt, born Windham Lawrence Rotunda, is an American professional wrestler currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He is known for his unique and eccentric character, captivating storytelling, and captivating in-ring performances. Wyatt’s journey in WWE has been nothing short of remarkable, from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most talked-about wrestlers in the industry.

Wyatt comes from a family of wrestlers, with his father and two uncles also being involved in the business. He began his wrestling career in 2009, signing with Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territory at the time. He then transitioned to NXT, WWE’s current developmental brand, where he adopted the Bray Wyatt character and formed the Wyatt Family stable with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

The Wyatt Family made their debut on WWE’s main roster in 2013, with Wyatt as the leader. His enigmatic promos and unique in-ring style quickly caught the attention of the WWE Universe, making him one of the most intriguing characters on the roster. His in-ring debut at SummerSlam 2013 against Kane created an immediate impact, and he continued to showcase his dominance in feuds against top superstars like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns.

In 2019, Wyatt debuted a new persona, “The Fiend,” a twisted and demented character that took the WWE Universe by storm. This marked a turning point in Wyatt’s career, as he presented a new side of himself that was both terrifying and intriguing. He captured the Universal Championship at Crown Jewel in 2019, solidifying his status as a top star in WWE.

But Wyatt’s journey has not been without its challenges. He has faced numerous setbacks, injuries, and character changes throughout his career. However, he has always managed to reinvent himself and remain relevant in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

One of Wyatt’s most iconic moments came in 2020 when he introduced the Firefly Fun House, a children’s show-style segment that delved into the psyche of “The Fiend.” It was a brilliant mix of horror and comedy, and it showcased Wyatt’s creativity and ability to tell a story. The Firefly Fun House was a massive hit with fans and added another layer to the already multi-faceted character of Bray Wyatt.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wyatt once again reinvented himself, returning to his old persona of “The Eater of Worlds” and creating a new faction called “The Wyatt Family,” with the addition of Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss. This new version of Wyatt has become one of the most intriguing and unpredictable characters in WWE, leaving fans eager to see what he will do next.

In addition to his individual success, Wyatt has also had several accomplishments as a tag team wrestler. He and Luke Harper held the SmackDown Tag Team Championships twice as The Wyatt Family, and he and Matt Hardy held the RAW Tag Team Championships as “The Deleters of Worlds.”

Bray Wyatt’s journey in WWE has been full of highs and lows, but he has emerged as one of the most talented and unique performers in the industry. He continues to push boundaries and surprise fans with his creative and captivating performances. With no signs of slowing down, it seems that the remarkable journey of Bray Wyatt in WWE is far from over.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is an American entertainment company that specializes in professional wrestling. Founded in 1952 by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt, WWE is now the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world, with over 500 events and 1 million live event attendees annually.

WWE is known for its unique brand of sports entertainment, combining scripted storylines with athleticism and theatrical performance. They have created legendary characters such as The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena, who have gained immense popularity and global recognition.

WWE’s flagship program is Monday Night Raw, which has been airing live since 1993. SmackDown, another weekly program, debuted in 1999 and has been a mainstay in the company’s programming ever since. These shows feature regular matches and storylines that culminate in pay-per-view events, which are some of the company’s biggest and most anticipated shows.

One of the key elements in WWE’s success is its larger-than-life characters and their rivalries. These characters, also known as “Superstars,” have unique and often exaggerated personalities, which captivate audiences and keep them coming back for more. From dramatic entrances to intricate storylines, WWE knows how to engage its audience and create a sense of excitement and suspense.

In addition to live events and television shows, WWE also has a strong presence in the digital world. They have a popular and constantly updated website, as well as a strong social media presence. This allows them to connect with their fans and promote their shows, merchandise, and other ventures.

While professional wrestling is often criticized for being fake, WWE has successfully carved out a niche for itself as a form of entertainment, combining elements of athleticism, storytelling, and spectacle. They have also expanded beyond traditional wrestling, venturing into reality TV shows, movies, and even a streaming service (WWE Network), which allows fans to access exclusive content and pay-per-view events.

With a global reach and a dedicated fan base, WWE has become a dominant force in the entertainment industry. It continues to evolve and adapt to the changing times, ensuring that it remains a relevant and entertaining form of entertainment for years to come. As a civil engineer, it’s fascinating to see the technical aspects involved in creating and executing WWE’s live events, from designing and building the elaborate sets to ensuring the safety of the Superstars and audience members. WWE truly is a unique and captivating form of entertainment that has stood the test of time.


In conclusion, the departure of Alexa Bliss from WWE has left many fans wondering about the reason behind it. While there is no confirmed explanation, it is speculated that Bliss is taking a break from wrestling due to personal reasons. However, as the saying goes, every end is a new beginning and this could open the doors for a new superstar to step into her shoes. The most talked-about replacement is none other than Bray Wyatt, who could potentially return and reclaim the title that Bliss had brought to a whole new level. With the unpredictable nature of WWE, only time will tell who will ultimately fill the void left by Bliss. Until then, let’s continue to support and enjoy the exciting storylines that the WWE has in store for us.

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